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In order to be able to buy from www.r5g.ro, you must enter your data on our website.
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If we believe that this obligation has been breached, we reserve the right to block your access to the use of the service, for a fixed or indefinite period, without any prior notice.


The prices shown do not include VAT. SC GAEN COLLEGIUM is a non-paying company.
Payment can be made by bank transfer or debit card, using the service provided by the site.
Once your payment has been made, your invoice is issued with the data you provide. Service prices are displayed on the site. Details of the service package can be found in the “Register” section.


The full content of the www.r5g.ro site, including texts, images, graphics, web graphics, scripts and any other data, is the property of S.C. GAEN COLLEGIUM S.R.L. or its suppliers and is protected under the Copyright and Intellectual Property Law. The use without written consent of any items on the www.r5g.ro or any of the items listed above, shall be punished according to the laws in force. To claim intellectual property rights, you can use the office mail address office@gaen.ro.


Personal data may be disclosed without your consent in case of litigations/disputes regarding payment frauds to the following recipients: banks involved in online payments, International Card Holders and Service/Products Providers, according to the Law, to the competent institutions.
According to the provisions of the Law no.677 / 200, our clients have the following rights:
1) Right to information (art.12)
2) Right to access to data (art. 13) – the right to obtain, on request and free of charge, for a request per year, confirmation that the data concerning it are processed by the data controller.
3) Right to intervene (art.14) – the right to request the data controller, by written request and free of charge, to:
a) rectify, update, block or delete incomplete, inaccurate data or unlawful processing;
b) transform of unlawful personal data into anonymous data;
c) notifying third parties of the operations referred to in point a) and b).
4) Right to opposition (art.15) – the right to oppose, free of charge and on a written request, for well-founded and legitimate reasons related to his/her particular situation, that his/her data is subject to processing.
5) The right to appeal to justice (art.18) – the right to appeal to the courts for the protection of rights guaranteed by law and that has been violated.
6) The right to complain to the supervisory authority (art.25).


Art. 1. – The following distance communication techniques require the prior consent of the consumer:
a) automated call system without human intervention (automatic call);
b) telecopier (fax);
c) e-mail address.
Art. 2. – Use of other remote communication techniques other than those provided under art.1 is not permitted if there is a refusal by the consumer. List of remote communication techniques:
a) printed unaddressed;
b) printed address;
c) typified letter;
d) printed advertising with order receipt;
e) catalog;
f) telephone with human intervention;
g) telephone without human intervention (automatic call, audiotext);
h) radio;
i) video (phone picture);
j) videotext (microordinator, TV screen with keyboard or touch screen);
k) electronic mail (e-mail);
l) telecopier (fax);
m) teleshopping.


By using, viewing or buying services on this site, the user has acknowledged that the Romanian laws will govern the above Terms and Conditions and any dispute of any kind that may arise between user and SC GAEN COLLEGIUM S.R.L. In the event of any conflict between S.C. GAEN COLLEGIUM S.R.L. and its clients will first try to solve them amicably in at least 30 working days. If amicable settlement will not be possible, the conflict will be settled in the competent court in accordance with the Romanian laws in force.


Unless any of the clauses above will be found null or void, regardless of the cause, it will not affect the validity of the other clauses. With the launch of the order, the customer accepts without objection the Terms and Conditions of Use, the value of which is the same as a valid contract. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the customer fully assumes the rights and obligations arising from the purchase from the virtual store www.r5g.ro.